In your website you write about human suffering, how can you compare human suffering to animals' suffering?

We don’t. We are trying to include every suffering element in the world with no difference in scope, shape, gender, race or species.
Suffering is suffering. All the suffering should be addressed, and all suffering should be eliminated.

If you review all of our materials, as we hope you would, you will find that out of our 42 articles, 8 regard humans as victims and all the rest regard nonhuman animals as victims. And out of about 55 videos overall, 4 regard humans as victims and all the rest regard nonhuman animals.

In addition, some of the human oppressions are vaster than some of the nonhuman ones. For example each year there are more victims of Female Genital Mutilation than bulls during the St. George Festival, in Chieuti, Italy. We don’t argue that their lives are much worse than the bulls’ and we don’t say otherwise, it just doesn’t matter. Same as it doesn’t matter whether chickens in battery cages suffer more than sheepes in the wool industry or vice versa.

When we were activists in the conventional movement this depressing question mattered because we wanted to help those who needed us the most, so we had to compare and decide.
Now as we are aiming for human extinction, it doesn’t matter.